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Why do we offer a Legal Document Storage Service? Once you have made a Will and other associated documents, it is critically important that you keep them safe. If, for example a Will is lost, damaged, defaced or destroyed it is rendered invalid. The effect of this could be catastrophic as your estate will be dealt with under the rules of intestacy and all your wishes will be ignored.


Every effort goes into making your Will; you have taken the time to consider your options, sought professional advice and used our expertise to ensure that it perfectly meets your requirements. We have taken the time and care to produce a document that is the result of this process and will ensure your wishes are carefully protected into the future. Keeping this document safe and secure and accessible only to the people you have nominated is now an essential part of your estate planning.


Most of our clients take advantage of our legal document secure storage facility, which is available for a small, fixed annual fee. It is fully insured against any losses and your Will is stored in a dry, clean and temperature-controlled environment with limited security access. Not only will your documents be safe, but they will only be accessible to your nominated executors after your death.


In line with our secure storage services, we also offer a dedicated aftercare facility. Life has a habit of continually changing and it is vital that your documents are kept up to date to reflect your circumstances or wishes. If your family situation changes, or you just change your mind, we will update your documents to mirror these changes with no further charge. This is a simple service to ensure you don't delay making any changes to your documents for fear of incurring fees or having to go through the full instruction process again.


As a Secure Legal Storage and Dedicated Aftercare customer you will also benefit from discounts on all our legal services or products. Your family and friends can also receive discounted services when you refer them to us, and Fidelis Legal Services also provides a free Bereavement Service to assist your family and friends at the time of need.



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